AMWA offers two membership options, Full and Student. Read on to learn about the benefits of membership and how to join.

Why join AMWA?

  • Become a member of the closed AMWA Facebook group to connect with other AMWA members, share your experiences, ask questions, get feedback and stay up to date with the latest AMWA news
  • Join AHMEN, our subgroup for journal editors.

Who can join?

Membership is open to anyone working as a medical writer and/or editor, or is aspiring to become a medical writer or editor, with evidence of education in an appropriate medical/health-related field. There are two categories of membership.

It is expected that members of the Australasian Medical Writers' Association are aware of and adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Relevant codes and guidance can be found here.

Please note: The writings of AMWA members are not necessarily the beliefs of the group and AMWA assumes no responsibility for opinions expressed or any resultant outcome.


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