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Melbourne, Australia
I am a medical writer with over 20 years of experience and expertise in medicine, science, and healthcare. I specialise in the clear communication of science and medicine ethically and effectively to a broad and varied audience. Put simply, I love to write!

I am the founder and Managing Director of Whipbird Communications (https:, providing comprehensive medical writing services, tailored tools to innovate, manage and streamline processes, and a medical writing education platform for clients in the healthcare, academic, medical, biomedical, scientific, engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

I have written over 60 scientific manuscripts, 50 grants, and 70 clinical trial protocols in multiple therapeutic areas. I also have experience and expertise in transforming highly technical scientific and medical content into abstracts, posters, slide sets, marketing material, website content, and digital/print patient education/advocacy information.

I have extensive experience writing about clinical trials, medical devices, clinical research, basic research and translational research.

I am a leader in medical communications demonstrated by my experience recruiting, managing, training, and supporting a team of medical writers and managers to drive the timely preparation of exceptional medical writing deliverables that ethically and effectively communicate science and medicine.

I am committed to the field of medical communications. As an educator and mentor, I have developed and lead an innovative multimedia medical communications education platform focused on successful and ethical medical communication. As a manager and director, I have developed and implemented unique tailored tools that innovate, manage, and streamline processes related to medical writing.

I am passionate about building and nurturing strong and lasting partnerships with diverse stakeholders. Through my professional experience, I have learnt how to establish, maintain, and cultivate these relationships; and this has resulted in the completion of numerous successful medical writing projects.


Melbourne, Australia


PhD, Certified Medical Publication Professional (CMPP)

Writer Categories:

Clinical Trials.  Consumer Education.  Editor.  Patient Information.  Pharmaceutical.  Public Speaker.  Writer.  Health Professional Education.  Grant Writing.  Manuscript Preparation.  Systematic Reviews & Meta-analysis.  Proofreading.  Blogs.  Website Copywriting. 

Specialty Topics:

Cancer.  Cardiology.  Chronic Health Conditions.  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  Diabetes.  Epidemiology.  Genetics.  Immunology.  Medical Devices.  Men's Health.  Neuroscience.  Oncology.  Paediatrics.  Pharmacology.  Public Health.  Rare Diseases.  Women's Health.  Neurology.  Medical Technology.  Evidence-based Medicine.  GP Education.  Medical Editing.  Transparency.  Surgery.  Gastroenterology.  Geriatrics.  HIV.  Haematology.  Therapeutic Goods Regulation.  Health Science.  Medical Science.  Health & Medical Technology.  Respiratory.  Endocrinology.  Genomics.  Biology.  Allergy.  Population Health.  Gynaecology.  Overactive Bladder Syndrome.  Metabolomics.  Neuromodulation.  Pharmacokinetics.  Biomedical Science.  Antimicrobial Resistance. 

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