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I am a PhD-trained epidemiologist with over 12 years’ experience researching women’s cancers. I am passionate about clarity and accuracy in medical writing, and ethics in science. I have taught courses in genetic epidemiology and clinical trials, and authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications, many in high-impact journals. I have written medical media releases to communicate study results concisely and with impact. I edit manuscripts and grants for leading academic institutions, and write blogs on health and research methodology topics that aim to ‘unfog’ the science. Visit my website to see my latest post, or contact me today at

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Consumer Education.  Editor.  Pharmaceutical.  Researcher.  Writer. 

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Cancer.  Cardiology.  Epidemiology.  Genetics.  Statistics. 

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Sharon Johnatty

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Starting in March we are delighted to deliver a series of AMWA webinars: ‘The COVID-19 vaccine – your questions answered’. Presented by an impressive expert line-up we’ll be covering vaccine development, approval and safety processes, vaccine implementation, strategies to address vaccine hesitancy, diagnostic testing post-vaccine as well as vaccine access. 

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