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Hello there. I'm a freelance copywriter and enjoy exploring, researching and writing about healthcare, aged care, mental health and wellness. I excel at meeting a brief on time and on budget, and managing projects efficiently. I provide marketing services and resources for businesses and act in the capacity of a marketing manager to businesses who need additional support. This includes content writing, paid advertising, social media and website development. Please contact me to find out more.




Bachelor of Science, University of Adelaide. Pharmacology and Physiology.


Website SEO copywriting, case studies, marketing services, sales and business development.

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Consumer Education.  Promotion/marketing.  Public Speaker.  Researcher.  Web Design.  Writer.  Grant Writing.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Blogs.  Website Copywriting. 

Specialty Topics:

Dementia.  Exercise Physiology.  Healthy Aging.  Immunology.  Medical Devices.  Men's Health.  Mental Health.  Nutrition.  Pregnancy.  Women's Health.  Medical Technology.  Medical Cannabis.  Psychology.  Disability.  Health Science.  Medical Science.  Health & Medical Technology.  Maternal & Child Health.  Alzheimer's Disease.  Anaemia.  Atrial Fibrillation.  Depression.  Osteoarthritis.  Psychopharmacology.  Gut Health. 

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Malvern Networking Event

AMWA member, Marissa Philpott is hosting a networking event on October 25. Come and join her, and other health communicators, for a relaxed and informal evening in Malvern. Everyone is welcome!

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