Early Career Award 2023 - Winner Announcement

We are thrilled to announce Amy Kelly as the winner of the AMWA Early Career Award for 2023. Amy's article is titled, "Friend or foe? How bacteria in the uterus may influence IVF outcome", and impressed all our judges, including guest judge, Blair Hesp, Managing Director at Kainic Medical Communications, and members of the AMWA committee. 

Amy was entering the last trimester of her Bachelor of Biomedical Science when she realised that reading and writing about human biology and health, rather than conducting lab experiments, was what she enjoyed the most. This realisation, and the help of a Google search, led her to discover medical writing.

With an ever-increasing amount of research being conducted and developments being made that are relevant to human health and medicine, Amy feels it has never been more important for this work to connect with those who can benefit from it most. She sees medical writers as the facilitators of these connections—a bridge of communication between medical and health research communities and wider society.

Read Amy's winning article  Read Amy's winning article 


It gives us great pleasure to announce that the winner of the 2024 AMWA Early Career Award is Alexa Arganda. Her article entitled "Mind over matter? Exploring the impact of childhood trauma on the developing brain" stood out to this year’s judges for its insightful overview of a complex and sensitive topic.

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating her and look forward to seeing what her future career will bring.

Read Alexa's winning article here.

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