Upcoming webinar: Copyright for medical writers (PDP webinar) with Anna Evangeli

Copyright for Medical Writers

Which photos can you use on your blog without breaking the law?

What about music for your podcast or words for your next social media post?

What if someone copies your snappy headline? Can you do anything about it?

Copyright law has something to say about these and many other common dilemmas medical writers face when they create original works or use other people’s material.

The webinar covers what you need to know to avoid breaking the law, using practical examples relevant to both freelancers and employees. That includes what the law does and does not cover, whether a simple picture credit is enough to get you off the hook, and sources of copyright-free or licensed material.

Anna Evangeli has been a science and medical journalist for more than 25 years, including staff roles at the ABC, The Conversation and Medical Observer. She has also taught journalism at two universities, including writing a media law course for journalists and film-makers on topics including copyright, defamation and contempt law.

DISCLAIMER: Anna is not a lawyer. Instead, her expertise lies in picking apart complex texts, mining them for relevant information, then presenting that information in a fun and engaging way to non-specialists.

She has degrees in biochemistry and journalism.

Copyright for Medical Writers

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