Announcing Dr Andy Stapleton as keynote: AMWA 2018

Dr Andy StapletonAMWA’s 2018 conference committee is excited to announce our keynote for our 2018 conference: Dr Andy Stapleton .

Dr Andy Stapleton is a scientist, freelance writer and podcaster. He is a regular presenter on Australia’s Science Channel and has appeared on Science Says and The National Science Quiz. Andy also recently launched Pocket Conference – a startup providing access to cutting-edge science in bite-size chunks directly from the researchers who did the work.

About AMWA 2018

AMWA 2018 will be exploring integrity (in a post-truth world). Our sessions will focus on writing with integrity, current industry trends and challenges, and forging a career with integrity. We will also be hosting a panel discussion on ethical medical writing.

As well as four comprehensive sessions, our conference will offer plenty of opportunities for ongoing education as we will be hosting nine workshops this year.

Our workshop topics will include freelancing, SEO copywriting, writing for a clinical audience, navigating stakeholder relationships, defamation for medical writers, writing a book and data visualisation.

AHMEN, the Australasian Health and Medical Editors Network, will also be hosting a 3-hour event.

Our full program will be released in May. Members will be notified as soon as registrations open. Non-members can join our conference email list here.

In discussion with Dr Ben Bravery - 9 February 2023 in Sydney

You are invited to hear from Dr Ben Bravery, the author of 'The Patient Doctor', on Thursday 9 February 2023 from 6pm - 8pm. This event is hosted by the Australasian Medical Writers' Association and is open to all.

Ben will be talking about his experience as a cancer patient, and how this has impacted how he now interacts with the healthcare system as a doctor. Ben is a strong advocate for putting the patient at the heart of healthcare. This event will also be an opportunity to network and socialise with medical writers.

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