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Wilde Medical Writing, Sydney
I'm a medical and science writer with more than 20 years’ experience in medical, health and environmental science research and communications.

I can swiftly synthesise quantitative or qualitative data and research findings into meaningful communications for consumers and specialist audiences.

Services include:
* Investigative medical writing.
* Advanced medical literature searching and literature reviews.
* Assistance with manuscript preparation for publication in peer-reviewed journals for busy clinicians and academics.
* Evidence-based research and report writing.
* Structural editing, methods protocol writing, guideline editing and reference formatting.
* Interviewing clinicians, academics, professors, CEOs to generate expert content.
* Research and writing for continuing medical education (CME).
* Writing health information for public education pieces.
* Editorial writing.
* Lectures and presentations.

Previous clients include:
Medical device organisations
Government departments
Non-government organisations
Hospital and university departments
Individual clinicians and researchers
Private sector organisations
Mainstream media organisations

Business website:
Wilde Medical Writing and Research Consultancy


Wilde Medical Writing, Sydney


PhD Psychiatry
MA Journalism
BSc Ecology (Hons)
Dean's List Award and McConaghy Award for Excellence in Scientific Research.
National Press Club Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Writer Categories:

Clinical Trials.  Consumer Education.  Editor.  Journalism.  Patient Information.  Public Speaker.  Researcher.  Writer.  Health Professional Education.  Manuscript Preparation.  Systematic Reviews & Meta-analysis.  Proofreading.  Advocacy.  Blogs.  Website Copywriting. 

Specialty Topics:

Evidence-based Medicine. 

Contact Details:

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Dr Alex Wilde

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