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I am a freelance medical writer. I have completed a PhD in Medical Science, a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Material Science, and a Graduate Certificate in Science Communication and Health Promotion.
My work has also been published in The Saturday Paper, The Medical Republic, The Limbic, Warringal Publications (Health & PE and Nutridate) and Labiotech.
I write evidence-based and SEO friendly medical articles and blog posts, research summaries, educational material and annual reports.
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Consumer Education.  Journalism.  Patient Information.  Writer.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Proofreading.  Blogs.  Website Copywriting. 

Specialty Topics:

Asthma.  Cancer.  Cardiology.  Chronic Health Conditions.  COVID-19.  Dementia.  Diabetes.  Epidemiology.  Exercise Physiology.  Genetics.  Healthy Aging.  Immunology.  Medical Devices.  Men's Health.  Mental Health.  Neuroscience.  Nutrition.  Oncology.  Ophthalmology.  Osteoporosis.  Paediatrics.  Pharmacology.  Pregnancy.  Public Health.  Rare Diseases.  Virology.  Women's Health.  Neurology.  Medical Technology.  Medical Cannabis.  Psychology.  Disability.  Optometry.  Aboriginal Health.  Evidence-based Medicine.  GP Education.  Medical Editing.  Transparency.  Surgery.  Gastroenterology.  Geriatrics.  HIV.  Psychiatry.  Haematology.  Health Science.  Medical Science.  Health & Medical Technology.  Animal Health.  Statistics.  Rural Health.  Respiratory.  Endocrinology.  Genomics.  Biology.  Zoonotic Diseases. 

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